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How do you best balance the combination of credit facilities' securitizations, debt offerings, and other instruments necessary to fund your loans and most effectively address the numerous accounting and tax issues that these instruments create? What are your best options for funding growth securing the success of your owners or investors—an IPO? Private equity? A merger or acquisition? In an industry that's making money while many others are struggling, are you taking advantage of every opportunity to control your overall tax exposure?

At McGladrey we understand your issues because our dedicated specialty finance professionals work full time serving your industry. We understand your industry because we are recognized contributors to the American Financial Services Association (AFSA). And we will understand you—your company, your goals, your unique needs—because that is the foundation of everything we do.

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Exam procedures updated for TRID rules

The CFPB, FFIEC and OCC have updated exam procedures to reflect TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rules changes.


Treasury may hold financial institutions liable for government ACH loses

Treasury may hold financial institutions liable for incorrect ACH enrollment information if an erroneous or fraudulent payment and a loss result.


CFPB publishes consumer advisory on benefits protected from garnishment

CFPB’s consumer advisory on the protection of federal benefit payments from garnishment is a reminder to review procedures.


Creditors reminded to consider all public assistance income in underwriting

Income received through public assistance programs should be considered in underwriting loans to avoid potential fair lending violations.


Final rule and exam procedures for nonbank auto finance companies issued

CFPB issues final rule for oversight of nonbank auto finance companies and updates exam manual for monitoring bank and nonbank auto finance companies.


CFPB has plans for the regulation of payday loans

CFPB releases an outline of a prospective proposal detailing two approaches to eliminate payday loan debt traps.


CFPB to propose delay of TRID rule implementation to Oct. 1

The CFPB announces it will issue a proposed rule to delay the implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rules until Oct. 1, 2015.


Utilizing the compliance management system framework for vendor management

All regulated financial service entities must address evolving compliance and vendor management guidelines to protect consumers and avoid penalties.

  • Robyn Ericson, Rory Flynn
Fraud survey highlights unique control issues for specialty lenders


Fraud survey highlights unique control issues for specialty lenders

Survey highlights unique fraud control issues for specialty lenders and highlights 4 fraud control strategies.

  • Ronnie Lee


IRS changes to Form 1099-C

Learn the key points independent finance companies should know about proposed changes to the 36-month rule for Form 1099-C.

  • Scott Ruby


Mark to market accounting: A promising tax planning tool for specialty lenders

Specialty lenders often overlook a useful tax-planning opportunity that effectively allows them to accelerate the deduction for the bad debts.

  • Scott Ruby, Jaymeson Morris


Allowance for loan losses is a key due diligence concern

Buyers considering speciality lenders should focus on allowance for loan losses

  • Robert McMurry
Managing compliance demands for specialty finance organizations


Managing compliance demands for specialty finance organizations

A compliance risk assessment is imperative in implementing a properly scaled compliance management system to address increased regulatory expectations.

  • Andrew Amrine


How should your organization handle Form 1099-C challenges?

Form 1099-C requirements are a complex issue, so complex that many specialty lenders file unnecessary forms, while others overlook required filings.

  • Patti Burquest, Scott Ruby


Why a compliance knowledge center is the best approach for addressing the Dodd Frank regulatory deluge

How a compliance knowledge management center can position your bank to succeed in today’s difficult regulatory environment

  • Tyrone Beasley


Eight common mortgage loan origination fraud schemes to watch for today

Mortgage loan origination fraud continues to proliferate and remains on the FBI's list of priority white collar crimes.

  • Al Kohl


Regulatory compliance web seminar series for banks

Join us for the next installment of a web seminar series created by McGladrey LLP to help your financial institution gain clarity around new regulations.

A Guide to Accounting for Business Combinations - Second Edition


A Guide to Accounting for Business Combinations - Second Edition

This edition addresses many insights gained as a result of the application of Topic 805, "Business Combinations," since its effective date in 2009.


A Guide to Going Public

Trying to decide if your company should go public? This guide will help your stakeholders determine if an IPO is the right path for your company by addressing some basic questions and provides an overall timeline of events and business considerations.

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